Mission Trip Planning


Helpful Links & Information for Planning a Mission Trip to Seed Ministry in Ghana, Africa

Seed Ministry works with numerous short term mission teams each year as they come to share their love and talents with the children and adults of Ghana. Your participation will bless the people, but you will also receive a blessing words can not describe. Whatever talent you bring, from medical to reading stories, you will be used in a mighty way. You can organize your own trip or simply join one, come by yourself, come with your spouse, bring older children…there are many ways to serve as you watch God change your life. Seed Ministry needs your help to fulfill its mission.

 What does a mission team do?

The type of work accomplished in mission trips varies widely. Seed Ministry will collect information on the mission team and then strive to place you in areas of ministry that best utilize your spiritual gifts and talents to further the Kingdom. Children’s Workers? Preaching? Youth Worker? Medical? Building? Teaching? Praying? Reading Stories? Giving Hugs? When you tell us what type of ministry you would like to do, we begin praying for the best way to use your gifts. Whatever your ministry, God will give you an opportunity to use it and will stretch you to minister more than you ever thought possible!

Is this your first time?

First time doing anything new is always such an exciting, yet apprehensive time. We will do all we can to make your stay a blessed time for you. However, you are coming to a 3rd world country and will see first hand poverty as you have never seen it before. You will want to reach out to help and will see a lot of things that you can do. Many people prefer to join us with a team from their own church family. This is a wonderful way to go on a mission trip (especially the first time). This helps you to grow closer to your church family and will grow your church. However, many others come with family. Children as young as 9 years old have come and ministered to the children in Ghana (and been ministered to). Some choose to come when there is not going to be a large group to use that time for their own spiritual healing and time in the Lord. Whatever size group you choose to join, Seed Ministry will work with you and/or set you up with others that are coming.

Deciding When to Come

There are many factors in deciding when to come to minister in Ghana. Most of these factors have to do with your own schedule and work load. Plane fares are highest during June through August. That is also the ‘rainy season’ in the Northern Region of Ghana making it much cooler and less dusty. We will work closely with you to fit your ministry in Ghana into your busy schedule.

Length of trips

The length of your stay will depend solely on your schedule. It is possible to leave the US on Friday afternoon, arrive in Ghana on Saturday, fly to the Northern Region on Sunday and begin your ministry that same afternoon. You can fly back to Southern Ghana and back to the US again on Friday and be home by Sunday, being gone only one week. However, most prefer to stay 2 weeks since they are coming so far. But your trip will be set up as closely as possible to your schedule.

How to Prepare

The first step is apply for your passport, visa and your immunizations. Yellow Fever is the only required immunization to come to Ghana.

How Much Will It Cost?

The largest expense of your trip is the airline ticket to Ghana, typically $1,500 - $2,000, depending on when you come and what kind of discount tickets are available. Other required expenses can be found on the trip planning document.

Food Expectations

While staying at Seed Ministry, you will have the opportunity to sample many foods. However, you will also have ample American type foods to eat as well. Some come and hope to use it as a time to lose weight but find this difficult because the food is quite good. Plan to be flexible and you won’t be disappointed.

Insurance Tips

Check with your insurance carrier to see if your policy covers medical evacuations from 3rd world countries. Many carriers cover this or can add it at a nominal cost. There are also group plans you can purchase to cover your trip.

So Where Do I Start

Simply email us or call us and we will help you with all of the details. Remember, you don’t have to plan a complete trip. You may be able to join one of the currently planned teams. Just plan to come!!!